Artist Statement


My work emerges out of a desire to explore the interconnectedness of the human condition, as I long for a united world.  My collage-based style manifests my imagination as I explore new orders in the chaos of life. This process is similar to weaving thousands of silk and wool threads into Persian carpets; all pieces are tightly weaved together, creating the overall pattern. Yet unlike the preset patterns of Persian carpets; my artistic expressions emerge spontaneously as I weave together various collage pieces into a final story. My subjects are both symbolically autobiographical as well as an investigation of the human soul through a female lens. By transforming materials such as paper, jewels, wire, fragment pieces of old paintings and personal items into objects of beauty and power, I search for a balance between the spontaneous and the preconceived, the decorative and the profound, the darkness and the light. I find the struggle to balance the contrasting powers in life as a journey to self-discovery as well as an arduous path to freedom.

Fariba Ameri.