“LIGHT AND BEAUTY” are the driving forces in this series.  Inspired by the ancient Zoroastrian tradition to celebrate the power of light over darkness at the brink of the spring equinox, I feel the urge to bring the power of light and beauty into my mental focus, pushing darkness and negativity out of my thoughts.  I believe that we experience life based on our own mental attitude so much more than through our physical limitations or due to life’s challenges. This is especially true for those of us who are fortunate enough to live in a democratic society where human “will” is respected and can be endlessly pursued.  With that in mind I openheartedly welcome spring, with all of its force being a strong reminder of the beauty of living, of renewal and of rebirth within and beyond our human condition.  I dedicate each of my pieces to the light and to the beauty that lie within humanity as a common thread.  I wish to celebrate the beauty ingrained in clarity of mind and in lightness.  I think of this series as “Noor”, the Persian word for light.

Sabzeh (Sprouts) representing Growth & Rebirth

Tavoos (Peacock) celebration of beauty
Seeb (Apple) representing Health & happiness

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